Have you ever thought?

Lion rules over the whole Jungle. But he isn't the biggest animal; the elephant is. He isn't the fastest one either; that is Cheetah. But still, he rules over the whole jungle, why is that?

Because Lion has those Kingship abilities that other animals don't possess. He's bold, a risk-taker, and above all, he sees every opportunity worth a try.

That's why in 2018, I established Crave Happy, to rule the jungle of the graphic T-shirts market.

The true story of Crave Happy begins when I learned art with scissors, papers, and paint in the 5th grade from my teacher.  

What do you expect from a 12-year-old girl?

I fell in love with the artwork. It became my whole life; I spent hours doing just artwork. As a 12-year-old girl, I love to design cartoons and re-create pictures from famous artists. My artwork took its shape when the special education teacher helped me learn how to sketch a human face. In college, my passion for artwork flourished even more.

But the name Crave Happy has its own origins too.

The story of Crave Happy's name lies when my aunt and I used to buy Ice Cream from a truck that used to come into our neighborhood every weekend. Ice Cream Truck always makes me happy and crave at the same time with its delicious Bugs Bunny Ice Cream. And our Logo is also inspired by that Ice Cream Truck.

In 2018, I established Crave Happy to create a story of my own.

But what was the reason for founding Crave Happy?

Working on my passion for Artwork.

Might be, True.

But the reason to establish the brand of Crave Happy is to deliver graphic t-shirts to people that tell their stories. Your story that others want to hear about. 

Crave Happy’s vision is to create graphic t-shirts with my passion for art that is comfortable and relaxing for people. It isn't like any other brand that sells graphic t-shirts. Crave Happy is all about emotions, creativity, and art with T-shirts and hoodies.

Our Customers describe Crave Happy as "Old school with a new flare". 

Our graphic and embroidery on t-shirts, hoodies, long sleeves, hats, bottoms, and accessories are made up of top-quality material, and relax as you wear them.

And Crave Happy is more than a T-shirt brand that has a creative package design that gives treats inside boxes, food packages, toys, and skate parks with an athlete team. Crave Happy also includes food packaging for breakfast, ice cream, creative t-shirt packaging boxes, skateboards, and much more.

Crave Happy is laid on the foundation of helping and supporting each other every time.