My role in Crave Happy Clothing, started when I saw first piece of clothing made on Instagram page. I really enjoyed the story behind the brand, felt connection with and basically that's how we first texted. Shortly after that - we began our
first collaboration.

When I was photo-shooting for Crave Happy first time, I felt like it has to be something more than just a few shots for the company that I am working with. I did not wanted to be something with a
copy/paste vibe. I decided to choose different location (in winter in Poland with only t-shirt on which was challenging a bit - but it was worth it. 

Now, I am creating a video content along with the main part of my job which are photos for the company.

Being a part of it, is a pleasure
and great place to be, promoting Crave Happy on my socials is now something natural - I would say - as there is no lie about it.

Statement pieces in my wardrobe are done by Crave Happy and I am really proud that I can say that. It can be seen that this brand is not only a brand - they put whole heart in it. That's
where we meet I guess. We are loving what we are doing.

My modeling part of life begun few long years ago, when I was accidently taken to make a photoshoot with my friend, which was a photographer. I never loved to be in spotlights. But it
changed after that day. Now I am preparing content for companies mainly clothing ones, but I have made few major campaigns for brands not connected with it at

Main part of job is modeling in the clothes made by contracted company and create content for their socials. If I feel its an honest one. I am also promoting them on my account. As I feel its the only right way to do it.

Funny thing is, that I have basically made my dreams come true. I always wanted to be a part of music/photos/creating industry.

That's why I signed up for my first university - where I was studying trade and marketing. 

I gave myself time to think about my future and what I want to do at same time getting knowledge about my passion. Now, after few years I have a MA
diploma in Sociology + Economics.

 I loved the studying classes on which, (that will not be humble) I knew more about the topic, than the tutor themselves how to create a good promo campaign”. 

Most of the projects that I made
there, were connected to my job - my job was connected to my classes -
everything made an entirety. 

 My bachelor degree and MA degree were about my job and my life that I love - modeling and brand promotion itself. I think its the best way to sum this up. 

 My second love - music - was with me since I was a kid.

Back then, reckless teenager -
polite at home, pretending to be bad guy in school. 

My first rap CD’s were bought by my parents, to me, as a gift…and that's how it started. I listened to every rap song which was available on YouTube, MTV.

I was battling myself few years if
its a good moment to FINALLY start making music on my own. I was not feeling
good enough for a long time - as my perfectionism was not letting me do that (maybe better I guess…😂).

Then my heart was broken.

Yep, that was it, the sad boy vibe
made me do it. Sorry, not sorry. I found my niche where I felt the best in music - talking about important things and feelings in the way pleasant to ear. 

Even if on my headphones were songs with a massive rage vibe for a long time - when I am recording I feel like its the way I want to face the reality. 

Maybe beside of my new track over- koniec” - coming at the very end of December 😄.

 My tip? Last word? 
guess - GO FOR IT. Because why not to?