1616 Isherwood St. Bucket Hat Lookbook

The 1616 Isherwood St pays homage to where the owner, Mellisa grew up and raised back in Washington, D.C. She shares her good memories she had been in the 90's. First off, the ice cream truck came daily around her, cousin, aunt, and neighbors, down the street.

The ice cream guy will sale all kinds of junk food on the truck. Mellisa favorite ice cream, bugs bunny bubblegum. She brought it all the time. Along with red hot sausages, pickle eggs, ring pops, and other sort of candies.   

It was always a long line to buy favorite snacks and ice creams. Mellisa and her aunt Stacey always went to the local store and brought a bunch of candy to fill their bookbags and take to junior high school. Of course, we both got caught one day and the security guard took it and ate it all. Those was the good days.

The bucket hat color come in white.

Now available. 

Location: Wroclaw, Portland
Headwear: Bucket hat 
Worn by: @overthelaw

Model / Fashion Ambassador: Jedrzej Knop

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